About us

Western Power Distribution (WPD)  is the distribution network operator for South Wales, the South West and the Midlands. We are responsible for operating the local network that connects customers to the large scale electricity transmission network.

As part of our licence condition to run an efficient, co-ordinated and economical network, WPD is looking to innovative new ways to release network capacity. By utilising Demand Side Response (DSR), WPD aims to reduce the cost of the network whilst releasing capacity quicker.

WPD’s need for DSR is dependent on the condition and loading of individual assets. As such it is very location specific. Potential providers must be connected to  the  relevant part of the  network  to particpate in this service. 

Previous experience has shown us that combining available  revenues is key to making local network led DSR viable. The CMZ services    enable    participants to access multiple market mechanisms, allowing providers to maximise value. By supplementing WPD’s local requirement with value from existing national services, providers see the true value of their flexibility.

This innovative delivery method of local network led DSR is being funded under the Network Innovation Allowance as part of the Entire project.

Details of the project can be found here.  

Details about other innovation projects by WPD can be found  on  our  website.

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