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Flexible Power will procure flexibility from half hourly metered businesses and aggregators    who can reduce their electrical consumption or increase their on-site generation in response to a signal.  Customers should be able to  respond within 15 minutes of receiving the signal and hold the response for at least two hours. 

As part of the  Constraint Managed Zone services, we can only accept customers fed from the relevant electrical infrastructure and geographical zones . Please use our post code checker to  assess your site.  The Flexible Power zones are also highlighted in the map below. 
Please remember to use    the site postcode rather than   the postcode of any  control rooms.

We have launched 18 new zones . To register your interest please complete the EoI  Form    and return it by 17.00  on 11/07/2018. Assistance documentation    is available as are  full  details on the zones.  A full list of postcodes is available here. A full list of relevant postcodes is available here.

Target Area

We operate a fixed pricing model for our services. These are detailed in the table below. Please see the latest Expression of Interest document for the  detailed pricing for each zone.
Colour Name Services Arming Fee (£/MW/h) Availability Fee (£/MW/h) Utilisation Fee (£/MWh) Restore Fee (£/MWh)
  Exeter City Dynamic  & Restore N/A 5 300 600
  South Hams & Plymouth Dynamic  & Restore N/A 5 300 600
  Rugeley Secure  & Restore 75 N/A 150 600
  Beaumont Leys Secure  & Restore 118 N/A 150 600
  Northampton  Restore N/A N/A N/A 600
  Existing Midlands Trial Area All See Midlands Trial page See Midlands Trial page See Midlands Trial page See Midlands Trial page


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