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Demand side response (DSR)  is a term used to describe  customers changing  their electrical behaviour on receipt of a signal. This might mean a customer reducing their electricity consumption at peak periods or using on-site generation.
For demand side response to be effective  the  process must be simple and must not  affect business processes.

DSR has multiple benefits for  the local network as well as the wider electricity system. By changing their behaviour, customers can reduce or defer the requirements for new electrical assets. This can mean avoiding the cost of a new overhead line in the case of a CMZ.
DSR can be used to give the electricity system more flexibility and can be more cost effective than traditional solutions.

We are trialling Flexible Power in the midlands as it is an area of significant load growth. With changing requirements on the network, this is an ideal area to build up a DSR capability and give the network operator an alternative option to traditional reinforcement of the network and consequent disruption to homes and businesses.

To communicate with your assets an outstation will be installed at your site. This will interface with your existing control systems and communicate back to Flexible Power. This will allow us to send requests to your assets to turn on and off.
An API interface is also being developed.

The number of response events will vary depending on the location of the site and the services it is enrolled in. Please book a consultation with us to help us provide a tailored response for your site.
We will be looking to go live in April 2018 and the trial will run until March 2019. New customers must formally register their interest by 17.00 on 15/12/2017. This can be done by returning the site engagement form to
The following presentation highlights the payment mechanisms. Payment Mechanism
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The following presentation highlights the baselining methodology. Baselining methodology.
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The Network Innovation Allowance is a funding mechanism that allows network operators to run innovation projects. The aim is to fund projects that will deliver benefits to network  customers. All learning generated from the trials is then shared across the industry to maximise the benefits.

Customer service is a high priority for Flexible Power as customers are the heart of the developing DSR market. As such Flexible Power is offering Service Partnership to aggregators willing to agree to additional customer service provisions. These cement the customer as the focal point of the process and allows for complaints to be escalated to Flexible Power. Partners will benfit from the use of Flexible Power's branding and will be listed on the website. 
The agreement for service partnership is available here.

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