What's the process?

 If you’re interested in seeing what benefits your energy flexibility can bring you, we have developed a simple  process to help you find out. All you have to do is contact us.

Customer engagement

Assess compliance

Operate Service

Please get in contact to find out more about the services available. 

To   register your interest in further communication please email WPDflexiblepower@westernpower.co.uk


Following the initial interest in services, a more in depth assesment of the site capabilities will be conducted. This will ensure sites are capable of service provision. 

In parallel, the framework  contract will be signed.

By the end of this process, the site should be ready to go.

At this point the CMZ services are live.

Customers submit availability at the week ahead stage which Flexible Power may accept or reject.

The services are then operated and customers remunerated for their services.

Interested in generating additional    revenue streams?