About us

Flexible Power is the customer facing  brand for Western Power Distribution's (WPD) Demand Side Response (DSR) requirements.
Developed  by WPD as part of an innovation trial (Project Entire),  Flexible Power was created to help  market and procure demand side solutions to network constraints. The particular focus is on service stacking to make service commericially viable for  WPD and providers.

Western Power Distribution (WPD)  is the distribution network operator for South Wales, the South West and the Midlands. WPD is    responsible for operating the local network that connects customers to the large scale electricity transmission network.
 By utilising DSR, WPD aims to reduce the cost of the network whilst releasing capacity quicker. WPD’s need for DSR is dependent on the condition and loading of individual assets. As such it is very location specific. Potential providers must be connected to  the  relevant part of the  network  to participate in this service. 


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