What's the process?

 We have a simple process for building zones.  This starts with initial assessments of market capabilities and progresses    to full procurement and build. Each stage has been designed to be as simple as possible.


Expression of Interest


Build and Test


This phase allows us to understand the viability of each proposed zone and is now closed.

This phase follows the Expression of Interest phase and aims to put framework contracts in place with the participants and asses the suitability of the sites. This involves the participant completing the latest contract and participation requirement form. Please see our document library for the latest versions.

Following this phase Flexible Power will assess wether the zones will be taken forward

This phase is focused on the development of the required systems to implement the CMZ services. This involves the building and testing of the API.

Please see our document library for the latest guides.

At this point the CMZ services are live.

Customers submit availability at the week ahead stage which Flexible Power may accept or reject.

The services are then operated and customers remunerated for their services.

16 zones were taken forward to procurement. If you are keen to participate please contact  WPDflexiblepower@westernpower.co.uk. The procurement phase closes at    17.00 on 19/09/2018.

The key timescales for the Expression of Interest phase are detailed in the table below. Full details on the Expression of Interest is available here.
Milestone Date
Procurement starts   26/07/2018   
Procurement closes 19/09/2018
Procurement Results 03/10/2018

The Midlands trial zones are live and operational.

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