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About Demand Response

What is Demand Response?

We recognise that within our distribution area many electricity consumers have the potential to reduce their demand for electricity during peak periods or, conversely, the ability to increase energy supply using existing, on-site power generation assets.   
Where we have a known constraint on our network, we wish to enter into contract with these consumers which will allow WPD to that utilises this demand and generation flexibility in return for financial payment.  This type of arrangement is referred to as ‘demand response’.

Demand Response in Action

Constraints on our network are confined to specific geographical locations we define these locations as Constraint Management Zones (CMZs), our CMZ locations are shown on Our Scheme pages.  
We provide details of the CMZs operational window that outlines the time of day and time of year we need your help as well as a forecast of the total MWhs we anticipate needing within the window. Operational windows are generally seasonal to support constraints within summer and winter demand peaks.  
Contracts are awarded for a minimum of a year with the option to extend should the CMZ have ongoing requirements.   
We may award multiple contracts within a CMZ to meet its peak MW requirements. 
User our Postcode Finder to see if and when we need demand response in your area and find out if you could be generating additional income.