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How often will my assets be called upon?

The number of utilisation events will vary between different CMZs. We have provided a long term forecast of availability and utilisation volumes for each CMZ, these can be found within the scheme pages.

How much money will I make?

Our value calculator will help you estimate the potential revenues available, you just need to know the CMZ you are looking to participate in and the size of your asset.

How do WPD decide which assets to utilise when a CMZ has multiple available participants?

When participants have declared availability in excess of the window’s requirement, WPD will adopt a minimax method to dispatch assets fairly. More information of this method can be found here.

How is the price that WPD will pay per MWh determined?

We have calculated a fixed price for flexibility within our CMZs based on cost efficiency. These fixed prices are;


We may seek to reduce these prices within CMZs known to have multiple potential flexibility providers with a total capacity that exceeds the CMZ's needs.  We will inform potential participants at the Invitation to Tender (ITT) stage should this be the case.

WPD has a duty to provide best value for money to its customers by achieving the best available market price for the provision of flexibility services on its network.

More information can be found within our pricing strategy.

What types of signals will I receive?

To allow us to send requests to you to turn your assets on and off we need to communicate over an Application Programme Interface (API). The API will also be used to send us your meter readings. More information on setting up an API can be found in our API Guide.

What will my sites performance statement look like?

Take a look at an example performance statement.

How is performance baselined?

This presentation summarises the Baselining Methodology.

How will the payments be calculated?

The following presentation summarises the payment mechanism.

What will the earning statement look like?

Take a look at an example earning statement.

Can I participate if the asset is connected via an IDNO?

Yes, but the point of connection between the IDNO network and WPDs network must be within the defined boundary of the same Constraint Management Zone (CMZ).

Can I still participate if I missed a CMZs procurement window?

The procurement windows for Secure & Dynamic services will re-open if a Constraint Management Zone (CMZ) has requirements in future years, these are windows are detailed within each CMZs page accessed through the Our Schemes pages.

We will accept participants onto our Restore service at any time.

What connection agreement do I need to allow me to participate?

You must ensure that the service you offer is allowed with your connection agreement. Should a change be required please follow the standard WPD processes, details of which can be found here.

How can I find out more?

We will be holding several events and webinars throughout the year. Please visit our news & events page for details