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Electricity North West

Electricity North West own and operate the electricity network in the North West and distribute electricity to 2.4 million homes and businesses.

We are responsible for maintaining and upgrading 13,000 km of overhead power lines and more than 44,000 km of underground electricity cables from the beautiful Lake District landscapes to the bustling city of Manchester and all the wonderful towns and villages in-between.

Our network in the North West is one of the most reliable in the country and by the end of 2023 we will have invested £1.9bn in our network to ensure we continue to deliver an excellent, safe and affordable service to all our customers.

Flexibility Services

Electricity North West sees the use of Flexibility Services as a vehicle for change as it facilitates the North West’s transition to net zero carbon. The rise in low carbon technologies will ultimately result in a lot more demand being placed on our network, and the cost of upgrading the network to meet this increased demand would mean higher bills for customers. We are therefore trialling smarter, more affordable techniques to use the existing network more efficiently to reduce the cost of customer energy bills while ensuring that our network remains reliable and resilient.

At times of high electricity demand and when the network is operating abnormally, we are looking to enter into contracts with Flexibility Providers to adjust how much electricity they consume or generate in return for financial payment as an alternative to traditional approaches.

How to participate in our tenders

If you have an asset in one of our requirement areas, are capable of adjusting how much electricity you consume or generate and can provide a minimum of 50kW either individually or via an aggregator, then you could provide flexibility to the network and receive payment from Electricity North West in return.

Visit the flexibility pages on our main business website for more information on our current requirements and how to get involved.

You can also register your asset and we’ll let you know when we have a requirement in your area

We offer complimentary one-to-one flexibility services surgery appointments to assist with any queries relating to the provision of flexibility to our network. Click here to book a session with a member of our Flexible Services. Have a question? Get in touch.


How it works

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