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Useful Documents

Download Useful Documents at the links below.


Example SSEN CMZ Contract This is an example contract created by SSEN to provide an idea to the reader of what may be included in their contract, should they wish to provide CMZ services.
CMZ General Requirements This document provides some general requirements from SSEN from a service provider when a CMZ is created. However, each CMZ is assessed on an individual basis and some further requirements may be implemented. 
CMZ Guidance Information This document provides a high-level understanding of a CMZ and the CMZ services, and explains how to get involved should you be interested.
CMZ Despatch Criteria This document describes the SSEN despatch criteria and how the Total Evaluated Cost (TEC) is assessed.
CMZ Decision Making Criteria This document contains information relating to Availability and Utilisation Payments for each CMZ service.
CMZ Pricing and Payment Methodology This is a guidance document designed to outline SSEN approaches to calculating CMZ payments and settlements.
CMZ Procurement Process This document outlines SSEN's current Procurement process for CMZs.