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Build & Operate

Sites that have been successful at the tender stage are expected to have an API in place before the first service window of the CMZ becomes operational.


Stage 3 - Build

1Provide user details to and we'll set up with an account for teh Particpant Portal.  Inital access is provided for testing environment, here you can test your API connection and familiarise yourself with the declarations process.
2Set-up an Application Programme Interface (API) Link so we can send you stop/start signal and you can send us your meter readings. An API is software based can be set up in house by the majority of participants without the requirement for any proprietary or specialist hardware.  More information is available in our API Guide.
3Once your link is set up we will run through a brief test before opening up your access to the live environment.  You can then repeat the process in the live environment with your assets, which are again subject to a brief test, after which you are ready to take part in the service. 

Stage 3 - Operate

1For the first month of service Participants will provide an estimated baseline and thereafter it is calculated and updated automatically on a monthly basis.  
2By midnight each Wednesday, set your availability windows for the following week Mon-Sun, in the Participant Portal.  This is automatically submitted and assessed against constraint requirements and accepted or rejected by midday on Thursday.  See the Participant Portal Guide for further information. 
3At the end of each month, check your performance and billing reports in the Participant Portal.  Any queries need to be flagged with  If there are no issues they are automatically approved after one month and processed for payment. 
4Contracts will be awarded for the minimum of 1 year, with the option to extend into further years should the CMZ have ongoing requirements. We’ll contact you at regular intervals to keep you informed.