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Can I take Part?

To be eligible to participate your site must be within the defined boundary of an active Constraint Management Zone (CMZ) and the power asset at your site must meet our minimum technical requirements.

Use our postcode checker to find out if your site is within one of our zones.

Check your asset meets our minimum technical requirements. 

Assets that don't meet our minimum technical requirements may be able to participate through an aggregator.

Here is a list of aggregators that are registered service partners to Flexible Power, and The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE)represents aggregators across the UK.

How Can I benefit? 

Sites with the ability to shift demand away from peak periods or the ability to switch their consumption to on-site generation at key times can earn revenue, both through the declaration of asset availability and asset utilisation. 

The asset availability and asset utilisation that WPD require will vary from location to location, our scheme pages detail the locations we are looking to procure demand response service for along with the operational window the demand response will be required in.  The operational window details; the time of year WPD will require the demand response, the time of day WPD will require the demand response and a forecast of the total MWhs WPD anticipate needing within the window.

Our value calculator will help you estimate the potential revenues available, you just need to know the CMZ you are looking to participate in and the size of your asset.


Flexibility Services

Flexible Power procures flexibility through three services: 

Secure – Required to manage peak demand on the network, usually weekday evenings. 
Dynamic – Required to support the network during fault conditions, often during maintenance work. 
Restore – Utilisation-only product, needed to support the network during networks faults that occur as a result of equipment failure.  

A full description of all three Flexible Power services is available here
We calculate a fixed price for flexibility within our CMZs based on cost efficiency.  These fixed prices are; 


We may seek to reduce these prices within CMZs known to have multiple potential flexibility providers with a total capacity that exceeds the CMZ’s needs.  WPD will inform potential participants at the Invitation to Tender (ITT) stage should this be the case. 
We have a duty to provide best value for money to our customers by achieving the best available market price for the provision of flexibility services on our network. 
More information can be found within our pricing strategy

How it Works

Discover more about how the process works at the links below. 

How to take part

WPD will be seeking to procure demand response services within CMZs it has identified and published on this website.

The process for all potential participants is the same and falls into three stages;

Find Out More

We regularly hold events to provide further information to interested parties, details of when and where these will be held can be found here.

Or get in touch with us by phone or email using the details found here.


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