Flexible Power aims to help business customers in Western Power Distribution's licence areas     make the most of their energy flexibility. This is done  by providing access to  Constraint Managed Zones (CMZ) services  which are split into three    products:  Secure, Dynamic    & Restore.

We are currently looking to recruit in the areas shown below. Full details are available in the  Expression of Interest Document.

If you wish to register your interest please submit the EoI Form  to WPDflexiblepower@westernpower.co.uk.  The guidance document is available here.


Target Area

Colour Name Services Arming Fee (£/MW/h) Availability Fee (£/MW/h) Utilisation Fee (£/MWh) Restore Fee (£/MWh)
  Exeter City Dynamic  & Restore N/A 5 300 600
  South Hams & Plymouth Dynamic  & Restore N/A 5 300 600
  Rugeley Secure  & Restore 75 N/A 150 600
  Beaumont Leys Secure  & Restore 118 5 150 600
  Northampton  Restore N/A N/A N/A 600
  Existing Midlands Trial Area All N/A N/A N/A N/A

Full details on the zones are available in the   Expression of Interest Document.

Please check your postcode to see if your site is within any of the CMZ's and you qualify for the Flexible Power services of Dynamic, Secure & Restore. The full list of postcodes is available here.
Please remember to use    the site postcode rather than   the postcode of any  corporate head office and leave no gaps within the postcode.


The process starts with an Expression of Interest phase to assess the viability of each zone. For more detail go to "What's the Process?" page.


Expression of Interest


Build and test


We are currently in the Expression of Interest phase for 18 new zones please see map for areas. If you wish to register your interest please submit the EoI Form to WPDflexiblepower@westernpower.co.uk by 17.00 on     11/07/2018. The guidance document is available  here.

The Midlands trial is live and operational.  We continue to accept new participants in operational zones.and this trial finishes on 31st March 2019.

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