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SP Energy Networks

SP Energy Networks own and operate the electricity transmission and distribution network in Central & Southern Scotland, Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire.

About SP Energy Networks

To meet our evolving customer needs, we are developing smarter, more flexible network solutions to help mitigate the need for traditional reinforcement and reduce costs for our customers.

We recognise that resources connected to our networks could provide services to assist in key areas that have specific challenges during periods of network constraint.

So we are exploring markets for flexibility with new and existing customers who are able and willing to control how much they generate or who can control their demand.

Flexibility Services

We will look to procure Flexibility Services through competitive tenders where possible.

Responses from Flexibility providers will be used to:

  • Identify the availability of flexibility resources in specific areas where flexibility could benefit the network
  • Understand the capabilities and restrictions of these resources
  • Evaluate the viability of using flexibility to meet network requirements.

Contracts Awarded 

Contracts Awarded 2019 to 2021  Contracts Awarded (as at July 2021) FINAL.xlsx

Autumn tender 2021 now live 

Our Autumn flexibility services tender is now live. The tender will be facilitated on the Piclo Flex DPS We recommend all participants interested in taking part in the competition to register their company details on the  Piclo Flex portal as soon as possible 

 ITT and detailed requirements

ITT Letter  Flexible Power Invite to Tender Oct21 PUBLISHED.pdf
ITT Appendices Autumn 2021 - ITT Appendices PUBLISHED.xlsx
Postcode Data Autumn 2021 - Postcode Checker PUBLISHED.xlsx
Estimated Service Hours  Autumn 2021 - Est Service Hours PUBLISHED.xlsx

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For more information please visit the flexibility pages on our main business website,.

How it works

Discover more about how the process works at the links below.