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Our Service Partners

The following Aggregators are registered Service Partners for Flexible Power.



F&S Energy can quickly and cost-effectively capture the value from industrial and commercial sites with the ability to act as a  demand side response provider.

F&S Energy was founded in 2011, is privately owned and prides itself on offering a friendly and cost effective service to all its customers.  We will deploy technology and expertise to unlock demand side response value from your business premises and pass this financial benefit back to you. 

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The following Companies are registered Service Integration Partners for Flexible Power.

Ultimetrics specialises in the delivery of Demand Response, Non-BM and BM, Grid and 3rd party dispatch services for its clients.  We work with power providers as well as consumers such as water companies and deliver all services via our Ultimetric Response platform.

Ultimetric Response is a scalable solution which can be readily applied to a single site or to a large-scale multisite portfolio.

New Demand Response services such as Flexible Power and Intraflex can be provided for new or existing site installations in different ways.  A Demand Response service can be delivered as an API or it can be offered together with other services using an Ultimetric Response Site unit.



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