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Declaring Availability

Flexible Power have designed a weekly process for the CMZ services to interact with existing DSR services and establish any requirements ahead of the declaration deadlines for National Grid frequency and flexible STOR services.

Each contracted participant will have access to a web-based portal where they can update the available capacity that they can offer for each site/group for in each zone.

Different capacities can be declared for each of the three CMZ service types (Secure / Dynamic / Restore). These can be a static, one off, declaration or can be altered when required. At the declaration cut off time (midnight on Wednesday) the declaration will be locked down. We then carry out analysis of the following weeks requirements during the following twelve hours and notify Flexible Power of any Secure or Dynamic service requirements.

The portal is then updated with the DSR requirements which are then issued to participants as declarations by midday on Thursday. If Flexible Power doesn’t declare any requirements, then participants can make their assets available to other DSR schemes. All Restore availability will be automatically accepted by Flexible Power. Further information is available in the Participant Portal Guide.