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SPEN Downloadable Documents


Distribution Flexibility Services Procurement Reports:  April 22 - Procurement Report (FINAL).pdf   C31E Report Template (Ofgem) - v1.3 2022 (SPEN) FINAL (Anon).xlsx

Document linkDocument Description 
Procurement Process 2022.pdfProcurement Process:Details the process all providers wishing to participate are required to follow.
Dynamic Purchasing System v1 (March 2021).pdf Dynamic Purchasing System: Details of the current system used and how to access
Pricing Strategy2022.pdf Pricing Strategy: An explanation of our pricing strategy for Flexibility Services 
Prequalification 2022_.pdfAn explanation of our prequlaification processDetails of requirements providers must meet in order to participate 
Bid Assessment 2022_.pdfBid Assessment Criteria An overview of how we assess bids received 
open-networks-2020-ws1a-p1-common-evaluation-methodology.pdfCommon Evaluation MethodolgyDetails of the Common Evaluation Methodology developed by Open Networks Project 
on21-ws1a-p4-updated-common-contract - SPEN.docxFlexibility Service Agreements The current version of the Terms and Conditions 
Guide to API Setup and UAT Testing V2_final (1).pdfGuide to API set-up UAT Testing A guide on how to build and test the Application Programme Interface and how to carry out necessary testing with the User Acceptance Testing environment
Participant Portal Guide v1 (March 2021).pdfParticipant Portal Guide A guide on how to use the participant portal including: access, declarations of availability and viewing statements 
Payment Mechanics V1 (1).pdfPayment Mechanics A presentation explaining how the payment mechanisms work
Billing Guide V1 (1).pdfBilling Guide & Payment Set Up Form An overview of the monthly billing cycle and the form to send us your payment details 
Baseline Methodology V1 (2).pdfBaseline Methodology A presentation on the Baseline Methodology that applies 
Dispatch Principles 2022.pdfDispatch Principles An explanation of how we dispatch when availability exceeds requirements 


SPEN Flexibility Tender Information 

Autumn 2021 Tender (Closed)

Flexible Power Invite to Tender Oct21 PUBLISHED.pdfITT LetterCurrent Invitation to Tender (ITT) documents including: Terms & Conditions, applicable policies and any tender specific information
Autumn 2021 - ITT Appendices PUBLISHED.xlsxITT AppendicesDetails of the requirements tendered for 
Autumn 2021 - Est Service Hours PUBLISHED.xlsxEstimated Service Hours Details of the estimated service hours per location 
Autumn 2021 - Postcode Checker PUBLISHED.xlsxPostcode DataPostcode data for all voltages and locations


Spring 2021 Tender (Closed)

Tender Timeline v1 (March 2021).pdfProcurement Timetable Timetable for the planned procurement tender for Flexibility Services and key dates 
ITT Appendices. Flexibility Services Spring 2021 Tender - Est Service HoursRequirements Details of the requirements tendered for 
ITT Letter.pdfITT Documentation Current Invitation to Tender (ITT) documents including: Terms & Conditions, applicable policies and any tender specific information 
Postcode data.xlsxPostcode DataPostcode data for all voltages and locations 

Archive Tenders 

2020 Tender - Bid Acceptances v1 (March 2021).pdf2020 Tender Results Results of tenders issued in 2020
Flexibility_Tenders_-_Oct_2019_Results.pdf2019 Tender Results Results of tenders issued in 2019