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Postcode Checker

Check if your asset is within a Constraint Management Zone (CMZ) - Postcode Checker

Value Calculation Tool 

How much revenue could your asset earn? - Value Calculation Tool

Signposting Map

Find out where we are likely to need flexibility in the future - WPDs signposting Map

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Downloadable Documents

2019 Procurement Cycle 1 - Issued Feb 2019Detailed information on the Contraint Management Zones (CMZs) WPD intends to procure flexibility service for within its first procureent cycle for 2019.

Webinar - Routes to participation. 2019 Procurement cycle 1

PDF copy of slides presented in Flexible Power Webinars 25th Feb '19 & 1st Mar '19.  Details the steps required of interest parties to be eligible to tender for provision of Demand Response services.

Responses to all Q&A asked throughout the webinar are available here.

A recording of the webinar is also available here.

Procurement ProcessDetails of the full process all interested parties are required to follow in order to to eligible to tender for participation in Flexible Power.
CMZ Terms & Conditions

Our latest version of the T&Cs applicable to Flexible Power.

(A tracked version showing changes from our previous version is available here.)

Contract Assistance NotesAssistance document to support your understanding of the T&Cs.
Guide to API Set-up & UAT TestingA guide on how to build and test the Application Programme Interface (API) and how to carry out necessary testing with the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment.
Participant ChecklistThis checklist summarises the stages and tasks required for a participant to go live.
Participant Portal GuideA guide on how to use the participant portal, includes; access, declare availability, and view statements.
Payment MechanicsA presentation explaining how the payment mechanisms work.
Example Performance StatementAn example of the performance statement created post a response event.
Example Earnings StatementAn example of the earning statement created at the end of each month.
Example Event Earnings ReportAn example of the payment breakdown of utilisation earnings created post a response event.
Billing Guide & Payment Set-up FormAn overview of the monthly billing cycle and the form to send us your payment details.
Baselining MethodologyA presentation explaining our Baselining Methodology.
Service Partner AgreementFor aggregators who wish to become a Flexible Power Service Partner.
Service Partner GuidelinesGuidelines on the on the process and responsibilities of becoming a Flexible Power Service Partner.
Dispatch PrinciplesAn explanation of how we dispatch at times when availability exceeds requirement.
Pricing StrategyDetails of both our fixed price and ‘best offer’ pricing.
Clearing ProcessDetails of the process we will apply when assessing zonal pricing during the procurement stage.
Month Ahead Availability ForecastsUpdated ahead of each new month with a forcast of WPDs avialability requirements for each operational zone. Active participants can use this to inform their week ahead declarations.
GlossaryThe ENA has produced a helpful glossary of terms, acronyms and abbreviations found in the energy network industry.
Flexible Power - the first year in numbersAn infographic summary of how WPD has been actively using Flexible Power across its network throughout 2018.
Procurement Results - 2019 Cycle 1Detailed results from 2019s first round of flexibility procurement.